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Add my (embarrassed) family to the list. My wife ordered via the Facebook Mobile app on iOS. She said that she read all of the terms and conditions carefully, and she’s pretty savvy. Our theory is that the “bad” T&C’s were hidden because the website was intentionally not mobile friendly. I don’t know the exact name that she was scammed under, but she got 2 free samples of a product that was advertised as being Ivana Trump’s company. There was no e-mail sent, but aside from the initial shipping fee the products were $89.95 and $85.95 for the free trial. We didn’t catch it until the second box arrived @ $94.90 and $91.90 for the second shipment ($362.70 total). The packing list says the company is Visalia and lists 855-730-5646 / 855-579-9245. When I called their customer service, they were extremely nasty and insulting, and they refused to allow returns, even of unopened product. They offered up to a 75% discount, but only with an agreement to continue the subscription. Any refund or discount was tied to an agreement to continue with purchases. When I finally got irritated and hung up, they called me back and left nasty messages.
I would highly recommend Ocean Mist. 4 years ago » 0 1,337
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Games You May Like Sarah February 3, 2017 at 11:59 pm Football Italiano Gayle, Thanks for your comment. I’ve never heard of Nouvebelle but there are hundreds of scam creams out there operating in the same fashion. Keep fighting them until you’ve won!
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Login/Register IDSoccer Agency believes that you deserve an opportunity to show what you can really do ON and OFF the pitch and furthermore wants to give all players a chance to get a second opinion. That’s why IDSoccer Agency has linked up with several clubs and coaches. We are offering to talented and driven football players, the chance to catch their dream and play with a club through our football trials in Portugal.
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Part of the Addicting Games network. I recently purchased Regenere facelift cream & eye serum combo. Firstly it reached after 13days of my order, & when I used it, it was very awful product that led to irritation & red patches on my skin. I called them to cancel my future subscriptions but I didn’t took any confirmation number with the faith they would have cancelled it nor checked the bank statement.But again after 30 days I received another shipment & was shocked, to see 2 charges of 89.95 for facelift cream & 2 charges for 85 $for eye serum these fraudulent company ripped me. Beware from such companies, on my statement its name was Faceserum. I called my credit card company & they told they will put it in dispute& after 5-6 days will credit it. Crossed fingers, hope I receive my money. At this juncture I cannot afford to loose my hard earned money. Any suggestions are welcomed.thanks.

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Request new password Register I need a good number to call these people. They too 179.out of my account after I cancel. ..
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Linda Clark March 16, 2017 at 10:23 am The Future Lions International Football Academy is proud to have its Head Quarters in the UK, the Home of Football. However we have a number of centres in operation throughout the country, which are used for different courses. Our full time scholars train and study 5 days a week in the heart of the UK in Northamptonshire, but occasionally we also run courses from St Georges Park where the England National team and FA is based, and at Lilleshall National Sports Centre and Bisham Abbey Sport Centre, especially for Group Visits and Team Events. All of which boast world class training faclilities, fitness equipment and fully inclusive accommodation.
The Best Xbox One Games Klarenbeek BR, de Korte N, van der Peet DL, Cuesta MA. Review of current classifications for diverticular disease and a translation into clinical practice. Int J Colorectal Dis. 2012 Feb;27(2):207-14. doi: 10.1007/s00384-011-1314-5. Epub 2011 Sep 17. Review.
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FREE trial from The Honest Company  – diapers, wipes and more! Read more about this offer here.  This is amazing! Free make up os the best!!!
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Develop HELP! I ordered the trial size combo of face cream from “Prime Time Naturals” and seem to be in the reoccurring monthly payment scam. My bank has been involved but also recommended I call the company to cancel- which I have done on numerous occasions. However, when I called the company they stated they have no record of me- not through my address, the last four digits of my cc, nothing. How do I get out of this now???
 – Johnson’s Baby Lotion & Shampoo/Wash *New* I also placed order with Revived Youth and did the same thing, no where did it say reoccurring bill or any of the other language you know to look for. I disputed it with cc company who gave me a credit but them reversed it (a month later) because of paperwork Revived Youth DermaRinse provided them. Once I contacted my cc company to let them know that this was no where on the page that I signed for free trail, I was told I had to directly get my money through Revived Youth. I just got off the phone with Revived Youth (800-805-7236) who said that because I disputed the charged they can’t deal with me I have to get the refund from Citibank. My bank did credit me $97 which was better than a sharp stick in the eye but get ready! I hope yours goes better!!
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Submit Freebie Le’Toile Skin Cream and Illustra Eye Care Serum needs to be added to this list. They offer samples for small shipping costs of $4.99 then after 14 days charge you $98.09 for auto charge/shipment—– scam.
I cancelled immediately after reading this page. The phone was picked up quickly, and they cancelled it for me and gave me a confirmation number. I was told there would be no additional charges on my account. This was from Nutra support and I called before the 14 day trial period had ended. I also called when they opened 8am EST.
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Does anyone have a phone no. for Full details: Your trial will include enough Laundry Wash and Laundry Rinse for 5 loads of laundry, plus 5 loads worth of Enzyme Stain Remover and a Mini Stain Stick. When you purchase the discovery kit, you’ll be automatically enrolled in the $28/month Change Maker subscription after 14 days.
Find A Free Trial Skin Novela and Eye Novela are scams too. Full Screen
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S M T W T F S Sign up today and start receiving exclusive discounts on Football Academy events. Proteins are broken down by your body into smaller molecules called amino acids. This study is looking at whether L-phenylalanine (a naturally occurring amino acid) also reduces appetite. 
I got free samples with 2 companies.89 x 2.didnt receive anything “Perfectly balanced…” The recent trend among the LCK teams — ‘Building a 10-man Roster’
I get countless emails every day from women saying “I ordered Dr. Oz’s serum and now he billed me $90, what a jerk for being involved in these scams.” Truth is he’s NOT responsible, because these are not his creams. These are crooks and liars using his name to sell their products!
I wonder how Sephora, Lancôme and Oil of Olay would feel about Facebook allowing this type of advertising using their company’s name as false advertising for other products.
LEGAL STATEMENTS Rachel Vrabel January 18, 2017 at 1:06 am – Kate, thanks for the update. Good for you for being firm with them and not taking no for an answer! That’s exactly how you need to be when dealing with these people. Their JOB is to take your money and try changing your mind. I did see in their terms and conditions that you would have to “return” the product within a 30 day time frame so maybe that’s how he’s quoting a 30 day period. Don’t believe a word they say anyhow. I just published my blog post Beauty & Truth Skincare Review: Truth or SCAM. Enjoy! 🙂
Rachel Vrabel October 10, 2015 at 7:07 pm – Leave A Comment Shiny palettes, metal caps, glittery foil decorations — metallic packaging commands attention.
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They stole 90 bucks from me on the day I got the charge I reported and had my card canceled waiting to see the outcome
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